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5 Foods That Can Help You Lose Kilograms Faster

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Not simply what we eat, but even how we smell, matters when it comes to reducing weight. For instance, the perfume of a freshly baked muffin or cinnamon might pique your hunger and subtly persuade you to eat a “forbidden” treat. But can smells exist that may control our appetite and aid in weight loss?

Virgin Extra Olive Oil

Olive oil benefits your health as well as your physical appearance. Researchers from the German Research Center for Food Chemistry found that those who inhaled the scent of olive oil during a meal felt filled more quickly and consumed less food overall. Therefore, adding a little oil to your salad or yoghurt, or just pouring it on a plate and setting it on the dinner table, would undoubtedly assist.


Garlic, onion, and chili’s strong ethereal scents encourage us to bite into smaller bits and chew longer. And when we drive slowly, we fill up more quickly and miss passing.

Green Bananas With Apples

neutral sweet tastes may suppress hunger. If you’re hungry, take a whiff of a banana, apple, or pure vanilla and you won’t eat any more food than you need to at dinner to satisfy your hunger.


Another plant has an appetite-suppressing scent. Are you hungry? You may satisfy your appetite by eating a stalk of fennel and drinking a glass of cold water.


Grapefruit, the fruit most often consumed by dieters, not only increases calorie expenditure but also curbs appetite. Simply smell grapefruit’s scent 15 minutes before dining, and you won’t likely overindulge.

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