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Be Careful Not To Eat Tuna In These Cases: Here’s What Happens

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One of the fish that Italians consume the most is the tonno. There are many ways to eat anything, but cat food is unquestionably the most popular. Of course, there are other ways to prepare it, for instance by roasting it on the stovetop, sautéing it, or serving it raw.

Despite being a strong fish, there are several situations when you must avoid it.

We will see together quali today. First of all, it is known that almost all of the Italian fauna assimilates mercury.

However, this is especially concerning for large-sized and longer-lived fish since they take longer to absorb the substance in their bodies.

Be Careful Not To Eat Tuna In These Cases

Now that mercury is clearly toxic, it may cause a variety of neurological disturbances in humans, including memory loss, brain damage, spontaneous abortions, and other more severe or less severe diseases.

Undoubtedly, a reduced intake does not mechanically result in issues of this kind, but disturbances like affaticament and memory loss linked to fish consumption are so common that there is even a medical word specifically used to describe them, namely “fishfog” or “annebbiament.

” The fish is thus often not eaten in the area where it is caught; instead, it is first frozen before being sold, treated, and then sent to all corners of the globe. Due to all of these events, every time we decide to consume something, our environmental commitment increases.

In fact, in order to level the playing field, we must pay for not only our small consumption but also all of the spread energy, product inquination, transportation costs, destruction of marine life, and diminished biological value of the product.

Then, you need to pay attention to how the instrument you’re buying is presented. If the tonno is improperly stored, it may become dangerous and unsanitary. The tonno should be kept at a low temperature and in the ghiaccio position.

Avoiding the purchase would be preferable in the absence of theft in the stores, just as it would be preferable to avoid the purchase in unplanned ambulatory restrooms.

The tone’s hue serves to convey its quality. The Tonno Rosso del Mediterraneo is thus named because it should be especially red in the Italian Seas.

Here are some examples of situations when it would be wise to avoid toxic exposure, either for the sake of our bodies or even our own planet.

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