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Can Canned Tuna Contain Mercury? Here’s What The Expert Says

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For those who don’t know, mercury is a heavy element that may harm the body. Humans who have high mercury concentrations may develop heart disease, poor mental health, and cognitive issues.

Given its high protein level and high omega-3 fatty acid content, fish is a highly recommended diet for people of all ages and independent of any possible illnesses they may have.

Sadly, however, not every seafood that ends up on our plates is fully safe.

Can Canned Tuna Contain Mercury

The quality of the fish we eat is being harmed by causes including excessive drug usage in aquaculture, microplastic contamination, and intensive fishing. The pollution caused by methylmercury, the form of the metal that humans assimilate the most and is also the most hazardous, is unquestionably the primary issue.

Methylmercury is taken almost solely via the ingestion of items made from fishing.

The fish in our Mediterranean region seem to be heavily contaminated with this material, and Italy is the worst-affected nation in Europe for seafood mercury contamination. Methylmercury quickly enters the circulation after passing through our body and building up in red blood cells.

The previously described condition further poses a risk to women who are expecting or nursing since, due to its accretenibile form, it may pass through the placenta and enter the mammary glands, contaminating the milk.

Large predatory fish should thus be avoided. In actuality, this poisonous toxin builds up in predators as they take it in from the smaller fish they eat, making them wealthier in the process.

As a result, experts advise choosing less infectious species like sea bream, sea bass, sole, trout, or salmon. Many individuals choose to purchase tuna in cans in order to eat their weekly allotment of fish in a practical and quick manner.

The latter is rich in fatty acids, has a lot of protein, and has high quantities of vitamin B. This decision, however, is not necessarily the best one in every circumstance.

In fact, the most frequent source of mercury in our bodies is often canned tuna. We conclude by noting that compared to other species, thefish has far higher mercury concentrations.

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