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Does Eating Chocolate Before Bed Make You Fat?

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The cocoa tree’s seeds are used to make the delicacy known as chocolate. It is now well-known and admired by many people, many of whom may have a tendency to exaggerate a bit.

In reality, because to the presence of amines, it is a meal that may cause some dependency. Eating it produces a certain level of energy and pleasure, particularly for sad individuals.

Without a doubt, chocolate has health advantages for our bodies, particularly the fondant varieties, which are full of polyphenols that boost our defences against disease and lower our risk of stroke and heart attack.

Additionally, it has a lot of simple carbohydrates, which is beneficial for the mood since it releases serotonin, a hormone that reduces anxiety in the body. Eating chocolate just before bedtime might also be detrimental to your diet.

Does eating chocolate before bed make you fat

In fact, there are two clear reasons why eating chocolate before bed is bad for your health: first, you won’t burn off the calories you consume, which will inevitably result in weight gain; second, and this is a more complicated reason, you’d experience a glycemic peak because the sugars would cause a significant rise in insulin, which would overlap with growth hormone because the two are antagonists of one another (GH).

Being that the growth hormone is only released from the body while you sleep because insulin would disrupt the body’s proper hormonal circadian rhythm, and since GH has the unique ability to burn fat as one of its peculiarities, you would significantly reduce this step, leading to an unintended fattening.

Finally, it is not advisable to have chocolate before bed since, when you sleep after a meal, your stomach is still full, and your sleeping posture might trigger gastroesophageal reflux. The best course of action is to take a short walk before bed.

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