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Drinking Lilies of the Valley Water Can Be Deadly

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Drinking water from a glass with a solid lily of the valley might have fatal results

What Led To The Teenager’s Hospitalisation?

The 16-year-old patient’s experience at the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center was so extraordinary, according to Gazeta Wyborcza, that the girl refrained from experimenting with any strange plants or behaviours. She drank only one glass of water. Before, she had no idea what was within.

It was later discovered that the adolescent who was unconscious drank water from a tumbler that had formerly held a popular flower, lilies of the valley. She had serious cardiac rhythm problems as a result. The girl had to spend many days in the hospital.


Fatal Consequences Of Drinking Water From A Glass With Lilies Of The Valley

Why Do Lilies Of The Valley Pose A Health Risk?

It turns out that the lilies of the valley, which we often gather while out walking, contain glycosides. Their ingestion, particularly by youngsters, causes cardiac and dietary issues. A significant amount of glycosides may potentially be fatal.

The May lily of the valley contains up to 40 glycosides, according to research. These substances serve as the lily of the valley’s natural defence against animals consuming its seeds. Interestingly, all vertebrates—with the exception of foxes—are poisonous to glycosides.

Lily of the valley poisoning may develop by ingesting any component of the plant, or, as happened to a 16-year-old in this instance, even from drinking the water where they were standing. Be exceedingly cautious while handling these well-known blooms.


What Are The Signs Of Poisoning From Lily Of The Valley?

The list of side effects from lily of the valley consumption is extensive, but the most significant ones should be stomach discomfort, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and sleepiness or agitation.

Additionally, there are issues with eyesight, including fuzzy images, white, yellow, or green haloes surrounding objects, and decreased vision. A headache may also be present, or in the case of a teenager, an irregular heartbeat and lowering of the pulse rate. A rash could also appear.


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