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Home ยป Eating pasta with clams and artichokes: what happens to our body?

Eating pasta with clams and artichokes: what happens to our body?

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Clams and artichokes are a flavour combination that is often used in Italian cuisine, particularly in first courses (like spaghetti), but also when making side dishes and second courses.

The tastes and nutritional qualities of the two foods are vastly different, but what are the repercussions on our bodies?

It is difficult to advise against eating artichokes in the broad sense because they are such a healthy food for the body. Artichokes, whether raw or cooked, are high in vitamins but especially in antioxidants and fibre, nutrients that together can ensure an important source of “protective” food in view of diseases and various maladies.

Eating pasta with clams and artichokes

They are also a good source of protein, primarily because of the rich collection of fibres that make up the vegetable.

Artichokes may be consumed with practically any kind of diet since they help to reduce high blood pressure, the prevalence of high cholesterol, and blood sugar.

The genuine clam, which can be eaten both raw and cooked, is the most popular kind in Italy and the Mediterranean. Clams are bivalves, which are found in waters all over the globe and are members of the family Veneridae.

Clams, like all other molluscs in this class, are abundant in protein and mineral salts. Selenium stands out as being especially beneficial for managing and enhancing circulatory system and heart health.

The combination of the two food types is generally highly beneficial since vongol and artichokes are both strong sources of nutrients that may complement and work well together. They are also helpful for weight management because they are low-calorie meals.

Only eat raw clams, and avoid eating them before knowing where they came from. People with hepatitis should avoid this kind of intake altogether.

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