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Here’s When Not To Eat Sage

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Amazingly, these are the situations when you should avoid eating sage:

Numerous plant species, like sage, which was also known to the ancient Romans and Greeks and is widely found growing wild in the Mediterranean region and elsewhere, have long been regarded as being extremely adaptable.

In fact, sage is such a significant herb that its name derives from the Latin word salvus, which can mean either something healthy or safe.

Even Salvia officinalis’ scientific name, which was given much later, attests to its medical usefulness. It is often regarded as virtually “miraculous,” is widely used as a condiment, a medicinal plant, but also a herbal treatment. However, there are certain contraindications.

When Not To Eat Sage

Amazingly, these are the situations when you should avoid eating sage:

It is a member of the same “familiar” group as other fragrant plants like thyme and mint, and it has a distinctive perfume with mint that is sometimes used as a “flavour” for meat, something like laurel.

It is full of vitamins, especially vitamin K, vitamin B6, and vitamin A, as well as different types of antioxidants and mineral salts.

These beneficial components allow it to perform functions like digestion but also, when chewed directly in the leaves, to lessen oral irritations like infections or canker sores as well as inflammations of various kinds.

It is also used as compresses and decoctions. Notably employed by herbalists, particularly for the production of essential oils, are certain species like red sage, which is not edible.

However, who should avoid chewing salvia?

Although typically safe, anyone taking certain medications should talk to their doctor before chewing on sage leaves, and pregnant or nursing women should do the same.

As a result of the presence of substances like thujone and camphor, prolonged chewing might potentially result in digestive problems and pain. The recommendation is to limit chewing periods to no more than 10 minutes.

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