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High Salt Diet: 4 Ways Eating Too Much Salt Can Affect Your Brain

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High blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke have all been related to excessive salt consumption. A recent study discussed its effects on the brain and how it increases stress levels.

A Salt-Rich Diet Can Make You More Stressed

“High salt intake can raise the levels of stress chemicals in the brain by 60 to 75 percent. Next, there may be variations in how the brain reacts to stress, and the amount of time it takes for that particular response may double. Additionally, it can change if the gene activity in particular brain regions experiences an increase. This gene activity rise in specific stressful regions may have an impact on protein synthesis “as stated by Dr. Altamash Shaikh, Consultant Endocrinologist Masina Hospital, Mumbai

4-Ways-Eating-Too-Much- Salt-Can-Affect-Your-Brain

How a Diet Heavy in Salt Can Harm The Brain

“High salt consumption can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of stroke or paralysis. Additionally, cardiac conditions and heart attacks might worsen brain injury” infers Dr. Shaikh.

Dementia May Be Brought on by a High-Sodium Diet

“In addition to dementia, or high salt consumption, forgetfulness can also result from high blood pressure. Vascular dementia is another name for this. Alzheimer’s disease, another name for dementia, can cause or be a result of high blood pressure “according to the endocrinologist.

According to Dr. Shaikh, salt dependence affects 60% of people with high blood pressure, making salt restriction crucial.

A High-Sodium Diet may Influence How You Behave

“According to one study, there are some brain regions that are hyperactive, which can lead to hypoxia, a reduction in blood flow and, as a result, a reduction in the brain’s oxygen levels. This is how numerous processes for high blood pressure can result in these issues “The specialist says.

Additionally, there may be a change in the lining of the blood arteries that supply the brain with oxygen, which might actually result in cognitive impairment and behavioural problems.

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