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Method Of Inactivation Of Liver Tumor Explained

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The Liver Transplantation Institute’s angiography unit streamed live angiography procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of 7 patients into the meeting room as part of the TARE Workshop, and 60 participants from 26 different provinces were given a hands-on explanation of every step of the procedure.

Inönü on the second day of a liver tumour, which is an important method of radioembolization in the treatment of liver tumours with live cases in the world by saving one of the few Turkish doctors involved in this work, and they deliver 80 doctoral training with live cases from 26 countries, this continuing their education, said Prof. Dr. The Holy of Ramadan, the chairman of the Congress.

According to Prof. Kutlu, a significant portion of patients who have liver tumours are not candidates for liver transplantation “Because of the size and location of their tumours, they are not appropriate.

Method Of Inactivation Of Liver Tumor Explained

One of the most crucial operations is to do such treatments in order to aid patients who are candidates for liver transplantation but are unable to get one because of their tumours, become eligible for liver transplantation.

As a result, it is a technique that promotes liver transplantation, leads to it, and offers the patient a chance to get a transplant “explained he.

Professor from Chicago Rush University’s Department of Interventional Radiology in the United States. Dr. Bülent Arslan acknowledged his satisfaction with the state of Turkey at the time and made the following observations:

“It’s a global phenomenon what our instructors are doing at the Liver Institute. Being invited to such a gathering was an honour. Things that are done anywhere else are done here more effectively. It was a really pleasant setting since we were sharing our expertise and experiences with one another at this gathering.”

Regarding the adopted technique, Arslan “At the start of the 2000s, this procedure began in America. He became more and more well-liked. Due to the fact that the more we use it, the more beneficial it becomes and the more ways we discover to assist more patients. It may entirely rid the patient of the tumour in cases of tiny and sparse tumours.

While it is difficult to entirely remove a tumour from big lesions, it is feasible, the tumour often persists and continues to develop inside the patient. However, we are extending the patient’s expected life span.

The patient, who was expected to survive for six months or a year, may now live for one, two, three, or even five years. It aids. In many individuals, transplantation is the only effective treatment option. In certain situations, this therapy may make patients who aren’t candidates for transplantation because of the size of the tumour candidates.

They have a chance to live longer when this occurs “He clarified.

Prof. from the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Interventional Radiology in the United States. Added Dr. Orhan Ozkan: “We were pleased to learn that Malatya now has a successful transplant and interventional oncology treatment facility. They taught us a lot, too. We were thrilled to see young, vivacious physicians who had come to this place to study, “added he.

Associate from the Faculty of Medicine at Ukurova University’s Department of Interventional Radiology. Dr. Tusan Ball remarked: “Our nation’s face is represented by the Malatya Inönü University Liver Transplantation Institute.

There is another aspect of liver tumour therapy that may not be as obvious from the outside. Making patients who are not candidates for liver transplantation candidates for transplantation and curing this illness entirely are two of our top priorities “added he.

Associate Professor at the Ege University Faculty of Medicine’s Interventional Radiology Department. Added Dr. Halil Bozkaya: “The liver transplantation industry in Turkey is led by Inönü University. The liver is a collaborative endeavour rather than only a transplant. This university is exceptional and exceptional in Turkey.

Of course, we at other colleges envy them for being able to do all of these liver-related procedures. We feel resentful and envious. In our Turkey, radioembolization therapy is also a prevalent treatment that is carried out in a sophisticated manner and with the same promptness “said he.

Regarding the application, Bozkaya said the following: “Through the inguinal vein, we entered our patient to execute an angiographic surgery. We use the same catheters as in conventional cardiac angiography, but instead of going to the heart, we go to the liver.

We locate the liver veins, and then, following the liver veins, we locate the vein of the tumour inside the liver. After that, we provide a focused therapy that specifically targets the tumour.”

Malatya Inönü University Turgut zal Medical Center ranks first in Europe for liver transplantation from living to alive, demonstrating its significance by completing liver transplants on five patients simultaneously.


The Inönü University Turgut zal Medical Center, which plays a significant role in liver transplantation, reportedly conducted “Inönü Liver Tumor Days.” In this situation, the department of interventional radiology at Chicago Rush University in the United States is where the congress’ chairman, Prof. Dr. Ramazan Kutlu, works. Professor of Interventional Radiology at the University of Wisconsin in the United States, Dr. Bülent Arslan. Dr. Orhan zkan, Interventional Radiology Department, Ege University Faculty of Medicine Associate Professor Tusan Ball is from the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Dokuz September University, while Associate Professor Halil Bozkaya is from the Department of Interventional Radiology at the Faculty of Medicine at UKurova University. Dr. Erkan Derbek and a professor from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Medicine’s Radiology Department. TARE (Trans Arterial Radio Embolization) was covered in an interactive conversation led by Dr. Mehmet şükrü, an interventional radiology radiology ertuek from Turkey who is the trainer in the training programme for professionals and academics working in the area.

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