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More Than 16,000 Children Ages 9 To 19 Got The HPV Vaccine In Serbia

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In Serbia, the HPV vaccination was given to more than 16,000 kids between the ages of nine and 19.

According to a report released today in Kragujevac, 16,282 Serbian youngsters between the ages of nine and 19 have gotten the HPV vaccination since June of last year. The aim is to enhance the coverage of this vaccine, which guards against papillomavirus infection.

“Dr. Milan Jovanovi Trampoline” Marko Veljkovi, an epidemiologist at the Institute for Public Health of Serbia, stated that approximately 1,500 children aged nine to fourteen received the second dose of the vaccine while 1,900 children aged fifteen to nineteen received all three doses and were completely protected.

More Than 16,000 Children Ages 9 To 19 Got The HPV Vaccine In Serbia

Only 3,000 boys have received vaccinations so far, according to Sanja Radojevi Kodri, director of the Republic Health Insurance Fund (RFZO).

She said that because males are carriers of the HPV virus and women are sick, the aim is to increase the number of boys who have had vaccinations so far.

She said that Serbia is still at the top of European nations in terms of morbidity and death rates from this illness and stressed how crucial the HPV vaccination is to avoiding the spread of HPV infection and the incidence of cervical cancer.

“We are happy with the reaction in bigger cities like Belgrade and Novi Sad, and from smaller places, we are happy with the volume of immunisation in Panevo so far,” Radojevi Kodri added.

She continued by saying that just 500 children have received vaccinations in Kragujevac to date, which, in her opinion, is insufficient, according to “Batut” statistics.

It is an American vaccination, according to Radojevic Kodric, and it has no negative effects.

This vaccination was listed as one of the safest and most effective by the World Health Organization. Since its introduction in 2006, 500 million doses have been administered globally without a single negative event.

According to Radojevi “kodri,” there is a nine-valent vaccination that protects against nine HPV viruses as well as a quadrivalent vaccine. Serbia acquired the most recent nine-valent vaccine.

“According to statistics from the World Health Organization, this illness would entirely vanish by 2030 if 90% of the world obtains the HPV vaccination,” said Radojevi kodri.

She said that Serbia is “taking some final step to get on this train” and that cervical cancer morbidity and mortality would be greatly decreased if vaccine coverage is as extensive as feasible.

She urged parents to take responsibility for their children’s health and vaccinate them not just with the HPV vaccine but also in accordance with the standard immunisation schedule.

A press conference for the launch of Serbia’s HPV vaccination campaign, “Together against cervical cancer – HPV NO,” was conducted today in the ceremonial hall of the City Administration building.

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