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Bladder Cancer Takes a Toll on Mental Health. Here’s How to Cope

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Mac Howard has gone the past 16 years without experiencing a recurrence of bladder cancer, but he never completely feels free. Every time the 58-year-old Indiana native marks another anniversary of his diagnosis, he still checks his pee for any signs of blood, and his gut twists with terror. It’s constantly on my thoughts, he claims. “At times, the anxiety has been crippling, and I know that has had an impact on my wife and my three children. Since bladder cancer has a high recurrence rate, maintaining my health this long doesn’t feel like a victory—rather, it feels more like suspense. Will this be the month that it returns? The American Cancer Society predicts that more than 81,000 new cases… Read More »Bladder Cancer Takes a Toll on Mental Health. Here’s How to Cope

Research on the connection between oral bacteria and illnesses

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According to the study, Streptococcus spp., Prevotella spp., and Staphylococcus spp. were the most prevalent genera, and Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Proteobacteria, and Actinobacteria were the most prevalent bacterial phyla among the samples. Researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet have identified the germs that cause serious mouth infections most commonly. Since there haven’t been many studies of this kind, the team is hoping that this one may help clarify how oral bacteria and other disorders are related. The study’s findings were published in Microbiology Spectrum. There are clear links between dental health and common diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, according to earlier study. However, there haven’t been many long-term studies to identify the precise bacteria present in diseased oral-… Read More »Research on the connection between oral bacteria and illnesses

Celery Juice Health Benefits and Side Effects

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I want to share a quick personal story of how celery juice has helped me profoundly when it comes to chronic acid reflux. Feeling constant stomach issues i talked to a gastroenterologist, who confirmed that i had severe inflammation in my stomach. This state of acid reflux has been going on for the few years. Acid Reflux is a condition where you’re having serious inflammation within your body-mainly your stomach and it feels as if acid is coming up your stomach to your chest and throt randomly throughout the day. Celery Juice Health Benefits Celery juice helps to treat chronic Acid Refulx. With acid reflux, you have unproductive bacteria like strep, low hydrochloric acid production as well as a weak… Read More »Celery Juice Health Benefits and Side Effects

High Salt Diet: 4 Ways Eating Too Much Salt Can Affect Your Brain

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High blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke have all been related to excessive salt consumption. A recent study discussed its effects on the brain and how it increases stress levels. A Salt-Rich Diet Can Make You More Stressed “High salt intake can raise the levels of stress chemicals in the brain by 60 to 75 percent. Next, there may be variations in how the brain reacts to stress, and the amount of time it takes for that particular response may double. Additionally, it can change if the gene activity in particular brain regions experiences an increase. This gene activity rise in specific stressful regions may have an impact on protein synthesis “as stated by Dr. Altamash Shaikh, Consultant Endocrinologist Masina… Read More »High Salt Diet: 4 Ways Eating Too Much Salt Can Affect Your Brain

Low Carb Diet may Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk, Promote Weight Loss

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The underlying cause of type 1 diabetes is still unknown. Currently, it is believed that the immune system, which normally assaults hazardous viruses and bacteria, fights and kills pancreatic cells that produce insulin. This will result in the body having little or no insulin. Instead of entering the cells, glucose builds up in the bloodstream. Type 1 diabetes is considered to be caused by a mix of genetic vulnerability and environmental variables, however many of these factors remain unexplained. Why Type 2 Diabetes Occurs In pre-diabetes (which typically progresses to type 2 diabetes) and type 2 diabetes, the body’s cells develop resistance to the action of insulin, and the pancreas is unable to generate enough insulin to overcome this resistance.… Read More »Low Carb Diet may Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk, Promote Weight Loss

Benefits of Guava Fruits and Guava Leaves

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Benefits of Guava Fruit For Health Guava fruit has a high level of medicinal value and can treat a variety of illnesses. But first, let’s examine the guava’s health benefits. 1.Guava Improves Immune Function: Guavas are rich in antioxidants and are said to possess fourfold the maximum amount of it than oranges. Because vitamin C helps to extend immunity, your body is healthier and able to drive back common illnesses and infections. 2. Reduce the Chance of Developing Cancer Lycopene, vitamin C, and other polyphenols fight bacterial and viral infections within the body that prevent the expansion of cancerous cells by acting as antioxidants. Guava fruit has been discovered to inhibit the expansion of carcinoma cells likewise as glandular cancer.… Read More »Benefits of Guava Fruits and Guava Leaves

First 30 days of Covid poses ‘greatest risk’ of ‘cardiovascular events’

After novelist Julie Powell, 49, passed away from a cardiac arrest brought on by a Covid infection, health professionals on the internet are issuing warnings about the connection between “cardiovascular events” and Covid. We have a pandemic of vascular inflammation and irregular clotting, a doctor tweeted. The cautions follow new research that shows those with Covid are more susceptible to developing health issues after contracting the illness. A study published in the BMJ’s journal Heart found that the risk of “most” cardiovascular events is “highest in the early post-infection period”. The authors of the study looked at thousands of health records from March 2020 to March 2021 to spot the association. Cardiovascular events refer to the onset of severe health problems that… Read More »First 30 days of Covid poses ‘greatest risk’ of ‘cardiovascular events’