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Raw Potato – What Happens After Eating Potato?

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What Happens When You Eat Raw Potatoes?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of some bizarre techniques to get a brief fever and skip class. All of this—baking soda, baking powder, and uncooked potatoes—should give you legal genitalia for a day. Does it really function? Today, we’ll investigate the consequences of consuming raw potatoes and see whether a fever results from doing so. What happens if I consume raw potatoes? You may learn more about it below.

Why Are Potatoes Cooked?

The major reason for cooking potatoes is because they become mushy when heated. Because they are rough and flavourless, raw potatoes are not good to consume. Like the majority of similarly hard fruits, they do not disintegrate when the salivary enzymes are present. Actually, you can’t digest them.

What Happens After Eating Potato

Potatoes retain all of their nutritious content even after being cooked. Additionally, the spices that are added throughout the heating process provide flavour.

Potatoes may be prepared in a number of different ways. The argument over whether to boil them in cold water or in boiling water sometimes brings to mind the rivalry between the mayonnaise fans of two illustrious makers. It’s interesting to note that it also happens around Easter!

While potatoes boiled in cold water will cook uniformly, some nutritional value will be lost. They fully preserve all of the vitamins and minerals when you boil them.

The third method of cooking potatoes—baking them in the oven—helps wrangle feuding families to some extent. However, other recipe writers advise heating the dishes five minutes in advance, which brings the conversation back to the beginning. Some people may even wonder what would happen if they consume raw potatoes. Below are the results of consuming raw potatoes.

Consequences Of Eating Raw Potatoes

Theoretically, eating raw potatoes has no negative effects. Fever, nausea, or chills won’t result from eating raw potatoes. Most individuals who opt to consume raw potatoes won’t experience any negative effects. Indigestion may strike those with more delicate stomachs.

Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella bacteria that have been absorbed along with water and nutrients may be present in certain raw potatoes. You may get rid of them by baking or frying. Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella may all induce stomach distress, vomiting, and diarrhoea if eaten alongside raw potatoes.

There is starch in uncooked potatoes as well, but our stomachs cannot absorb it. Resistant starch is what it is called, and consuming more of it makes you severely throw up.

The largest issue is when you consume a green or sprouting potato. Any potato contains solanine and chakonin, both of which are unhealthy. They may produce very serious symptoms and are poisonous. When we remove the skin and then prepare food, we partly get rid of them.

Because of these chemicals, only young tubers with a very thin skin are used to make homogeneous potatoes. It is vital to peel old potatoes, especially those that were kept in the cellar throughout the winter. The potatoes should be peeled thicker as they become older.

Chakonin and solanine may result in:

serious food poisoning, kidney failure, heart failure, liver damage, and coma.

Hospitalization is a constant result of eating a raw potato with a high solanine and chakonin content. First signs of poisoning include:

  • Breathing Issues,
  • Enlarged Pupils,
  • Palpitations, And
  • Visual Abnormalities.

You should go to the closest SOR when they arise. The victim’s potato intake should be disclosed to the attending physician, along with when it occurred.

Poisoning symptoms start to show up within a few hours and become worse. This condition cannot be addressed at home. Hospitalization and at least a dozen days of organ function control are required.

Doctors have documented examples of persons poisoning themselves and dying as a result of eating raw potatoes. These individuals didn’t get to the hospital in time and were severely emaciated.

Is there anything more I should know about eating raw potatoes? The slice probably won’t harm anything, but do you really want to risk it when eating raw potatoes might have grave consequences? I don’t believe you’re as interested in eating raw potatoes anymore.

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