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Watery Eyes: When To Worry And Why

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Lacrimation is one of the most crucial variables for the health of our eyes, as we all know. Despite the fact that it is often overlooked, this component should not be undervalued since it may be one of the signs of a pretty severe condition.

It is crucial to take care of the eyes specifically for this reason, particularly considering that they are exposed to external stimuli that may harm them. The retina is reached after the light stimulation has passed through the cornea, vitreous, crystalline, and liquid humour in the eyes. The brain receives information from the retina and uses it to interpret the visual inputs.

When To Worry And Why

First and foremost, maintaining excellent eye health requires leading a healthy lifestyle and getting regular eye exams.

Recognizing signs that might indicate the presence of an eye condition is crucial, in fact. As we previously said, lacrimation is often overlooked.

We must, in any event, take into account the ‘flying flies’. Flying flies are only little corpuscles that we see floating. This effect results from the body vitro’s opacity, which when light passes through, disturbs the resin. These tiny flies may be signs of advanced age, dehydration, or severe myopia. A vitreous separation of the resin may occur in more severe vessels.

It is important to not undervalue lacrimation, particularly if it is extreme. For instance, allergies, infections, and the presence of foreign things in the eye may all contribute to it. In more severe situations, excessive lacrimation is caused by lacrimal overproduction, reduced tear flow to the nose or eyelids, or both.

Due to the possibility of discomfort, secretions, and hazy vision, it is imperative to act quickly and treat this symptom. You could need to have surgery if you don’t act right away and things become worse. In any case, prevention via routine eye exams is the best course of action, as we have already said.

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