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What If You Chew A Bay Leaf?

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The laurel is a perennial Mediterranean aromatic plant, evergreen, it is part of the Laureaceae family, plants native to Asia and introduced to the Mediterranean in ancient times, thanks to trade with the populations of Mesopotamia.

Its name comes from the Latin lauru(m), of pre-European birth, although some trace it back to the Celtic name law The easiest and fastest way to get the maximum yield from such an amazing plant is to chew one leaf a day for at least five minutes, more willingly before meals.

But before chewing it, it would be good to crush it and then put it in your mouth. You just need to chew it, do not swallow, and after 5 minutes rinse your mouth.

What If You Chew A Bay Leaf

If you want to treat gum infections, just gargle with warm water and a chopped bay leaf. Further, chewing two bay leaves also helps to get rid of headaches, decrease fever and provides a lot of energy to the body, since it is responsible for awakening the mind and senses.

To perfect gingivitis it is good to decrease inflammation of the gums, and the essential oils that contain bay leaves are anti-inflammatory. You can gargle with warm water and a chopped bay leaf to take advantage of its benefits.

To removelitosis just chew two leaves a day as we explained at the beginning. You can also add a leaf to the hot water, let it stand for 10 minutes and then gargle.

Subsequently, one of the most surprising benefits of chewing laurel leaves is its relaxing ability, it awakens the senses, puts the mind in a state of detachment and lucidity, being very suitable for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia and for motorists who travel long distances.

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