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Women With Diabetes At Early Age More Likely To Enter Menopause Early

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According to recent research published in Menopause, a woman’s likelihood of entering menopause increases the sooner she develops diabetes. This new study sought to comprehend the long-term effects of premenopausal diabetes on a woman’s reproductive health, including her age at natural menopause. Previous studies have assessed the risk for women to develop diabetes after menopause.

Researchers discovered that early age of type 1 and type 2 diabetes diagnosis (>30 years old and 30-39 years old, respectively) was associated with an earlier onset of menopause than women without a diabetes diagnosis. Additionally, they discovered that, in comparison to people without diabetes, those with type 2 diabetes who were diagnosed later in life (>40 y) also experienced later onset of natural menopause. Age at menopause and gestational diabetes were not linked, according to research.

Women with diabetes at early age more likely to enter menopause early

In contrast to those who did not have diabetes, our large retrospective cohort analysis demonstrates that there is still a relationship between an early diabetes diagnosis and an earlier age at menopause even after controlling for factors related to age at natural menopause. In order to better understand and prevent the long-term effects of diabetes on the human body and the reproductive system, we hope that our work provides the groundwork for further research in this area, says Vrati Mehra, MD, the study’s lead author from the University of Toronto.

Although the effects of diabetes on the body as a whole are well known, the results of this study show that young women with a diagnosis of diabetes are more vulnerable to accelerated ovarian ageing and early menopause, according to Stephanie Faubion, MD, the medical director of the North American Menopause Society.

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