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How Can Consistently Consuming A Smoothie Benefit You?

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A tasty and revitalising beverage, apple cocktails are also a fantastic way to stay healthy. Learn the formula so you can help your digestive system perform more efficiently.

Polish people love apples because they are readily available, tasty, and remind them of their youth. Who among us has never experienced honey-drizzled grated apples? However, not everyone is aware of the special pairing with ginger, a vegetable with a pungent, spicy flavour and qualities that treat a variety of digestive disorders.

How Can Consistently Consuming A Smoothie Benefit You

Making an apple smoothie is a quick and simple way to give yourself all the beneficial elements that apples possess. The large intestine will benefit from the suggested one-day therapy by being cleansed of unneeded food residues and having its appropriate function restored. We will also benefit from the apple mixture’s ability to break up liver stagnation and combat constipation.

a tasty and healthy apple cocktail recipe Ingredients:

  • half a cup of apple juice
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and half a cup of water
  • 50 ml of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon juice from ginger

Ginger is peeled and ground with apples. We squeeze in a juicer or slow cooker. Water that has been heated on the fire. After that, swirl to dissolve the sea salt. Squeezed juices are added. Mixture should be poured into a glass and tasted.

The first serving should be had before breakfast, the second before lunch, ideally around midday, and the third in the evening, preferably at approximately 8 o’clock. It is ideal to have a cleansing treatment on a day off from work.

After a week, you may cleanse once again. Remember that drinking a cleaning combination is not advised for diabetics, individuals who are allergic to the ingredients in the cocktail, or women who are pregnant.

Please check our website for further ideas and apple-based dishes. We strongly suggest Ewa Wachowicz’s apple cake and her nutritious and delectable millet porridge with apples and cinnamon.

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