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Prostate Cancer Takes The Lives Of a Thousand Men in Serbia Every Year

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Every year, those over 50 should get a PSA test and see a urologist.

Doctors stated yesterday on the occasion of the start of the month-long fight against prostate cancer that routine urological exams, early diagnosis, and prompt treatment of prostate cancer can save many lives, and innovative therapy applied in the stage of metastatic disease significantly prolongs the life of patients.

One of the main malignant illnesses that sicken and kill men is this cancer. It is the most typical male cancer in Europe, and it is the third most frequent cancer in Serbia, immediately behind colon and lung cancer. Each year, about 1,000 men pass away and approximately 2,300 become sick.

Older age, genetic factors, and ethnicity are prostate cancer risk factors that, regrettably, cannot be changed. Physical exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are advised as elements that improve overall health.

Prostate Cancer Takes The Lives Of a Thousand Men in Serbia Every Year

– In the last 15 years, novel medications that have a substantial impact on the progression of the illness have been approved for use in the treatment of prostate cancer. An breakthrough medication for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer was greatly enhanced in 2017 when the Republican Health Insurance Fund included it to the List of Medicines.

However, with the earlier introduction of cutting-edge medications, the progression of the disease is significantly slowed and life is prolonged in the stage of metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. This is important for the patients themselves as well as for the healthcare system as it delays the appearance of complications and costs related to the final stage of the disease, according to senior research associate Dr. Davorin Radosavljevi.

According to professor Dr. Zoran Dami, head of the urology clinic at the University Clinical Center of Serbia, prostate cancer may be treated if it is found in its early stages.

If there have been incidences of this cancer in their family, men over the age of 50 should have a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test performed once a year and be checked by a urologist before the age of 45. (father, uncle, uncle).

Although early indications of prostate cancer are uncommon, they might include frequent and painful urination, overnight urination, a weakening of the stream, and blood in the urine. Bone discomfort, usually in the pelvic, manifests in the disease’s later stages.

It is important for a urologist to perform an examination (digital rectal examination, ultrasound), assess the risk for the development of prostate cancer, and determine whether a man has prostate cancer even though an elevated PSA level in the blood does not always indicate that a man has the disease. Instead, it could be a result of a benign prostate enlargement or an inflammatory process.

A prostate biopsy is conducted if cancer is thought to be present. When cancer is histopathologically proven, the disease’s progression is evaluated. According to Dr. Dami, the patient is sent to the council, where skilled medical professionals decide on the best course of action.

The Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia medical oncologist and research associate Dr. Nada Babovi emphasises how crucial it is to individualise treatment as much as possible.

The stage and severity of the illness, the patient’s age and health, as well as his preferences and expectations, all influence the course of the treatment. Only the prostate may have cancer that is localised;

it can also spread locally to the lymph nodes in the area and progress, or metastasis, when it travels via the blood and lymph to the bones, liver, lungs, or other organs.

Vesna Vukovi from the Republic Health Insurance Fund underlined that in 2020 the RFZO made a further advancement by enabling cutting-edge medications to be administered both before and after chemotherapy.

We anticipate that therapy with cutting-edge medications will be made available at a disease stage even sooner, Vukovi said.

Men’s health and the battle against prostate cancer are the focus of the month of November. Activities are planned all around the globe with the goal of educating the public about prostate cancer and motivating society to do all in its power to support early identification and efficient treatment of this illness. This year, Serbia is commemorating Prostate Cancer Awareness Month under the motto “Live Male and Make an Appointment – There is a Solution.”


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