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What Happens If You Eat Expired Chocolate? Here’s The Answer

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The fact that chocolate has undergone significant diversification over many centuries and is really a dish that appeals to many palates is another reason why almost everyone enjoys it.

The manufacturing of this popular and well-liked delicacy is subject to a deadline as required by law, even though the majority of chocolate is created for direct feeding in the form of blocks or tablets. But what if you eat chocolate that has gone bad?

What happens if you eat expired chocolate


According to Italian and European legal definitions, the majority of chocolate products have a shelf life of roughly two years after creation.

Given that there is little to no water in chocolate, at least in terms of the components, chocolate may be kept properly for weeks, months, or even years without losing its texture or taste.

But what happens if the chocolate has gone bad? An “ancient” bar may often be identified by the presence of a white patina that has most likely formed on the surface. This is a result of cocoa butter, a component found in virtually all types of chocolate, crystallising.

However, even if this component is present beyond the expiry date, the taste may be less potent and the texture less “pleasing,” but most likely the chocolate bar will still be edible.

If it contains, for instance, a kind of “filler” like hazelnuts, gianduja, or peanut butter, the situation is different since these ingredients degrade much more quickly than chocolate and intake might result in issues like nausea and difficulties breathing.

However, it is generally advised to keep chocolate out of the refrigerator, which highlights the look of the aforementioned matt white patina, and instead keep it in a cold, dry spot.

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