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Broth Cubes Contain Harmful Trans Fats

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Everyone is aware of how harmful fast food is. But not everyone is aware of the factors that make them unfit for ingestion. Trans fats, which may also be present in processed meats, are principally to blame for their unhealthiness.

While trans fats do exist in nature and are often found in milk and its derivatives like butter and meat, these natural fats do not pose a harm to human health. They are not dangerous, according to a research that was published in Advances in Nutrition. They vary from industrial ones in terms of their fatty acid composition, which explains this.

Both Natural And Artificial Trans Fats

Broth Cubes Contain Harmful Trans Fats

Even naturally occurring trans fats are beneficial to health. Butter, which contains naturally occurring trans isomers of vaccenic acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) with very strong antioxidant activity, is a perfect illustration of this.

Which trans fats therefore should we avoid? Those produced by industrial hydrogenation of vegetable oils, whereby they are enhanced with hydrogen molecules and heated to very high temperatures, are unhealthy for humans.



Such fats raise the levels of “bad” cholesterol, an excess of which builds up in the artery walls and results in atherosclerosis, which may cause heart failure or stroke. The risk of dying from coronary heart disease is also increased by consuming trans isomers of unsaturated fatty acids. A few weeks ago, we talked about the rule that is meant to restrict the intake of trans fats; as of right now, it is in effect.

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