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Having A Cat At Home Is Good For You: Here’s The Truth

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Cats are not universally adored as pets; many people vastly prefer dogs. Many people may not, however, realise the health benefits of having a cat in their home. Numerous investigations conducted by scientists, physicians, and researchers have shown this.

In truth, the bond between cats and humans dates back to the Neolithic, when cats first began to accompany farmers. This connection is the result of a shared need; in reality, cats first came to people in search of food, while humans wanted a cat nearby to scare off rodents.

Having A Cat At Home Is Good For You

Dr. Patricia Pendr Pend, a specialist in human-animal relations at the University of Ash, conducted research that claims These animals’ unexpected behaviour gives people the impression that they have been specially picked because of how they react. Additionally, we are virtually addicted to the thought of knowing how he would act on that particular occasion and are captivated by it.

According to a different research, cats and kids are quite similar, and people really react favourably to cats’ “large eyes,” stare, and frenetic activity. It was discovered in 2009 that persons who looked after a cat had a decreased chance of suffering a heart attack than those who had never had a cat in the house.

Cats do, in reality, provide companionship, attention, loneliness relief, comfort, play, and enjoyment. They give us the go-ahead to pet them, which causes the master to produce oxytocin, which inhibits the release of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

Therefore, although if they are not always acknowledged, these cats are true lifesavers for our bodies and are also simple to care for since they are quite independent and do not need particular attention.


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